A little bit about me

Hi, there! Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I am a designer of online things, with a skill set that includes web design, UX design, HTML/CSS, and some marketing skills for good measure. With over 15 years of design experience, I combine big picture thinking with detail-orientation to produce beautiful and data-driven solutions to clients.

Quick facts:

  • If I’m on my iPhone, chances are I’m researching something because I love to learn.
  • I love taking data and turning it into something functional for users
  • I bring a wealth of experience in different fields working in different environments from large corporations to startups.
Web Design 100%
Adobe Creative Suite 90%
UX Research 75%

Some of my skills

Delineate. Design. Test. Repeat.


I've been doing UX Design and Research for over 2 years and have experience conducting focus groups, user testing, and creating surveys. The data I garner is analyzed and becomes the primary source of my data-driven designs.


I picked up some front-end development skills during my days as the lead Web Designer at foodandwine.com. Learning coding was a huge gift to myself and satisfied the nerd part of my brain that thrived on coding pixel-perfect websites and cross-browser checking to ensure everything looked perfect on all browsers. Including IE6.


Call me crazy, but I never felt complete as a designer until I learned to gather and analyze data. It was like meeting my long lost twin. Learning how to track user behavior via Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, user testing, and other metrics only fueled my passion as a designer. Data, you complete me.


I started off as a Graphic Designer, but switched my career path to focus on Web Design which I've been doing for over 10 years. I'm proud to say I still design for print, but my real love is the online experience. Give me a goal for your company, and I will research, wireframe, prototype, and mockup a solution that aims to delight your customers and your stakeholders.

Contact me

You can reach me quickly by emailing: